Marketing Genius

The creative world of writing is an ever-changing dynamic that has no boundaries. There are jobs available in news media, television, commercials, marketing, music, politics, medicine, education, and almost any other global workforce job a person can think of. So, as a writer, how does one go about getting their services out to potential clients that bring in the money to pay the bills? A writer certainly needs the talent, but the biggest factor is all about marketing and branding. In order for one to develop a following, he or she needs to create a brand, and then market that brand.

I think one of the most genius marketing campaigns is one where the product is used, or has been used at one time or another, in most households. I am talking about one product in particular that had such an impact across the globe that people were singing the tune as it came on during commercial breaks. I also think it might be one of the most brilliant marketing campaigns as health and dietary habits have become so prevalent in this day and age. What is that product? Velveeta. Yes, Velveeta cheese.

It is absolutely genius. The song states, and you can sing along, “Velveeta processed cheese spread, is so much fun! All these natural cheeses are better than one!” In a world where “experts” claim foods that are processed are bad for your heath, Velveeta cheese spread has broken the barriers of health advocates everywhere before they even had a chance to rebuke the product. Has anyone every really thought about Velveeta cheese spread? It is actually labeled as a processed cheese product, which means that it is a product that includes emulsifiers, saturated vegetable oils, food coloring, additional salt, and or whey or sugar. Yet, knowing all these factors, Kraft foods has simply made mega bucks off this product. Genius marketing.

So how do we market ourselves? Well, I doubt I am going to mention anything that most readers do not already know. Social media and website development has exploded over the past 10 years. The internet, computers, and low cost website design programs have allowed many self-employed, work-from-home people establish amazing presence in the global workforce. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and pintrest have allowed all walks of life to step a foot in, or sink their whole body in to establishing a presence. Never underestimate the power of social media, and explore the options available to you right at your fingertips. Websites are easy to create and most platforms have 24hr/7 day/week customer support. So, if you have a desire to make a presence, then set yourself up and get yourself out there.

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