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"Poised... Professional... Patient... Calm under fire. All great attributes of DeAnna Kane. DeAnna has managed large events with key stakeholders for Museum of the Bible. An amazing work ethic and tireless energy to get the job done. Only my highest recommendation."
- Tim Smith, Chief Development Officer, Museum of the Bible

"Organized...calm...and radiates a professional level of excellence that surpassed anyone I've worked with before. DeAnna has been working as our Director of Operations and producing the event since the inception of ASCEND, and she has proven time and times again that she can be trusted. Not only dealing with finances, but also when things spin out of control she is a constant calm and immediate problem solver that puts things back in order. We couldn't imagine trusting such an endeavor to anyone else! No matter how difficult the task, she finds a way to make it happen!" - Brenda Epperson-Moore, ASCEND Founder and Co-Director

" is creative, organized and there is always evidence of the enthusiasm of the writer and creator in her work...she is respected among her peers, and is a motivational and reflective leader..." - Dr. Brian Keintz, Keiser University

"...honest and integrity...rare qualities not found in many high level professionals." - Dr. Wesley Valdes

"DeAnna Kane has unstoppable energy and enthusiasm. She jumps in with every task, takes risks, and figures out how to make something great!" - Emily Hibard, Spiral Paper Tube & Core

"...reliable...confident...and most important, trustworthy!" - Kathleen Cooke, Cooke Pictures

"...dedicated, independent worker who will stick with a project until it is perfected. She has an acute attention to detail and has a phenomenal ability to see the depth of a project and how to make it great!" - Kezia Hartstein, Arbonne Independent Consultant

"DeAnna Kane possesses a genuine, straightforward honesty that is sorely lacking in many professionals. She is resilient and sticks with a task to completion while staying positive and upbeat." - Richard Turner, Los Angeles Screen Writer