The writer within

Talking on the phone is a nuisance. Making small talk with new people I am expected to become friends with, is actually quite painful. When in large crowds for an extended amount of time, I need to decompress in the quiet of my home, with no one around. I find my love of writing, reading, and crafting is all part and partial to my being the true definition of an introvert. However, according to some sources, the statement of being a true introvert means I have to relinquish any thoughts of extrovert tendencies.

I’m not quite sure I agree with this notion as there are times when I thrive in a public setting and enjoy the repartee with a stranger. Yet, I find that often times my initial tendency to communicate with others is to first try contact in written format. I am definitely that person when you call, the voice mail will pick up, then after I listen to the message I determine if the response needs to be verbal, or if I can get away with a simple text or email. Most often I will still respond in a written format.

Either way, the crux of the issue remains that deep within me has always been the writer I am growing to be today. I am actually new to the professional aspects of writing, and look back often at previous attempts to create something on paper and giggle at my archaic approaches. I have learned so much from my master’s program in university, and I am becoming more confident in my abilities to put words to paper, and have them not only make sense, but actually mean something to more than one person. Sometimes my approach is silly, and I revert back to babbling as if once again becoming a child. That is the creative freedom writers have, because in the end, it is always ourselves that end up becoming the worst critic. The important thing that every writer knows, and no writer can escape, is that we never give up, and we keep putting those words on paper. The creative juices will continue to flow and we need an outlet for the overflow. Since often times physical communication is painful, writing is the only way to have full, unabashed freedom of expression.

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